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Brian Kardell
  • Developer Advocate at Igalia
  • Original Co-author/Co-signer of The Extensible Web Manifesto
  • Co-Founder/Chair, W3C Extensible Web CG
  • Member, W3C (OpenJS Foundation)
  • Co-author of HitchJS
  • Blogger
  • Art, Science & History Lover
  • Standards Geek
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I believe in the Web and its potential. I'd like to make it even better, and I'd like your help.


I'm in the process of making this domain the cannonical source for all my posts. Here are a few of my favorites/some popular ones, but you can find a complete list (of the ones I've moved) or subscribe to the rss feed for updates.

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I occasionally write elsewhere, or have been involved in other joint writings. Here are a selection of interesting ones...


I also give talks and appear on podcasts. Here are a few I think are interesting...