The Effects of Nuclear Weapons

Third Edition, 1977

Online Edition, 2022


  1. Chapter I—General Principles of Nuclear Explosions
    1. Characteristics of Nuclear Explosions
    2. Scientific Basis of Nuclear Explosions
  2. Chapter II—Descriptions of Nuclear Explosions
    1. Introduction
    2. Description of Air and Surface Bursts
    3. Description of High-Altitude Bursts
    4. Description of Underwater Bursts
    5. Description of Underground Bursts
    6. Scientific Aspects of Nuclear Explosion Phenomena
  3. Chapter III—Air Blast Phenomena in Air and Surface Bursts
    1. Characteristics of the Blast Wave in Air
    2. Reflection of Blast Wave at a Surface
    3. Modification of Air Blast Phenomena
    4. Technical Aspects of Blast Wave Phenomena
  4. Chapter IV—Air Blast Loading
    1. Interaction of Blast Wave with Structures
    2. Interaction of Objects with Air Blast
  5. Chapter V—Structural Damage From Air Blast
    1. Introduction
    2. Factors Affecting Response
    3. Commercial and Administrative Structures
    4. Industrial Structures
    5. Residential Structures
    6. Transportation
    7. Utilities
    8. Miscellaneous Targets
    9. Analysis of Damage from Air Blast
  6. Chapter VI—Shock Effects of Surface and Subsurface Bursts
    1. Characteristics of Surface and Shallow Underground Bursts
    2. Deep Underground Bursts
    3. Damage to Structures
    4. Characteristics of Underwater Bursts
    5. Technical Aspects of Surface and Underground Bursts
    6. Technical Aspects of Deep Underground Bursts
    7. Loading on Buried Structures
    8. Damage from Ground Shock
    9. Technical Aspects of Underwater Bursts
  7. Chapter VII—Thermal Radiation and Its Effects
    1. Radiation from the Fireball
    2. Thermal Radiation Effects
    3. Incendiary Effects
    4. Incendiary Effects in Japan
    5. Technical Aspects of Thermal Radiation
    6. Radiant Exposure-Distance Relationships
  8. Chapter VIII—Initial Nuclear Radiation
    1. Nature of Nuclear Radiations
    2. Gamma Rays
    3. Neutrons
    4. Transient-Radiation Effects on Electronics (TREE)
    5. Technical Aspects of Initial Nuclear Radiation
  9. Chapter IX—Residual Nuclear Radiation and Fallout
    1. Sources of Residual Radiation
    2. Radioactive Contamination from Nuclear Explosions
    3. Fallout Distribution in Land Surface Bursts
    4. Fallout Predictions for Land Surface Bursts
    5. Attenuation of Residual Nuclear Radiation
    6. Delayed Fallout
    7. Technical Aspects of Residual Nuclear Radiation
  10. Chapter X—Radio and Radar Effects
    1. Introduction
    2. Atmospheric Ionization Phenomena
    3. Ionization Produced by Nuclear Explosions
    4. Effects on Radio and Radar Signals
    5. Technical Aspects of Radio and Radar Effects
  11. Chapter XI—The Electromagnetic Pulse and Its Effects
    1. Origin and Nature of the EMP
    2. EMP Damage and Protection
    3. Theory of the EMP
  12. Chapter XII—Biological Effects
    1. Introduction
    2. Blast Injuries
    3. Burn Injuries
    4. Nuclear Radiation Injury
    5. Characteristics of Acute Whole-Body Radiation Injury
    6. Combined Injuries
    7. Late Effects of Ionizing Radiation
    8. Effects of Early Fallout
    9. Long-Term Hazard from Delayed Fallout
    10. Genetic Effects of Nuclear Radiation
    11. Pathology of Acute Radiation Injury
    12. Blast-Related Effects
    13. Effects on Farm Animals and Plants